Cloud storage and backups make it easy to store, share and access you files from anywhere at anytime

Privacy and security, our highest priority


We encrypt your files, documents and images for the sake of your privacy and security. Unlike other cloud storage provider who can access and read your files, we take your right to privacy to the next level by encrypting your data in such a way that even we cannot access your encrypted files on our servers. End-to-end encryption on all your files, all the time.

Unlimited online storage and backup


Our cloud storage will backup your data files automatically at an unlimited speed and provide you with unlimited storage space. We’ll backup everything from your documents and invoices to your music and photos. All data that we handle is stored in secured data centers with 24-hour staff and redundant power. Enjoy a peace of mind knowing that your files are secured safely with us.

CRM Cloud Solutions 

Our cloud solutions blend software with hardware in order to help you control all form of data passing through.


Our cloud solutions blend software with hardware in order to help you control all forms of data passing through your network. This ensures that data going through your apps are widely available, fast to access and secure.

Server & NAS Backup

Integrations from third party solutions such as Synology allow us to help you backup anything – files, databases, virtual machines, and much more.

Robust Features That Fit Your Needs

Encryption, compression, retention policies, billing alerts / caps, etc. – we have it all.

Reliable & Affordable

¼ of the price of Amazon S3. Pay as you go storage fees are $5/Month/Terabyte.

Cloud storage for businesses.

It gives you complete control over you data.



Unlike Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and the rest – our cloud storage is priced at only $0.005/GB per month for data storage and only costs $0.02/GB to download data.


Like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and the rest – Data stored in our cloud storage is available for immediate download – there are no nearline or offline delays.


All the cloud storage features you need at a predictable price.


With a community of industry experts ready to help you out with your every need, GMN Cloud is the right provider for support-based organisations who require attention to detail in their management of their networks and data. CONTACT US TODAY