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Global organisations use GMN Cloud Solutions because of our reliability.

Software Solutions.
It’s our craft.

At GMN Cloud, we’re passionate about our craft, software solutions. We create solutions to business problems through the use of our bespoke and customised software. Over the last 10 years of conducting our business, we’ve honed our skills in order to become one of the leading cloud solutions providers in Singapore.

When you choose GMN Cloud to be your service provider, you get our enduring commitment to the constant improvement of your business. You’ll get our devotion and passion to providing you with high-quality products and satisfactory customer service.

Our company and our business are our life’s work.



We invest heavily in our people, as we believe that it is only through research and development can we develop a strong competitive advantage in the industry.

We provide comprehensive programs that aim to hire students and fresh graduates and train them to become expert developers and engineers.

We grow our people


GMN Cloud is committed to breaking new horizons and investing more into technology for the sake of future generations. We place great emphasis in product development and customer support than in sales and marketing believing that by keeping our cost of attracting new customers low, we will be able to keep our prices low and afforadable to the masses.

We invest in the future


Our high quality products are the result of many years of experience and hardwork. Our team of industry experts at GMN Cloud have over 20 years of experience with software and database solutions.

It is with this knowledge that we can guarantee high quality services and products to our customers.

We guarantee quality products



GMN Cloud Solutions.

High quality software at affordable prices.



Our cloud solutions blend software with hardware in order to help you control all forms of data passing through your network. This ensures that data going through your apps are widely available, fast to access and secure.

Test Drive Our Software

We provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology. We encourage our customers to try out our services before purchasing them. We want you to experience more than just a world-class software service. We want you to immerse yourself in who we are and what we do – our technology, our services as well as our dedicated to our customers.


Professional Consultancy Services

Our software solutions engineers can examine you business and provide feedback on ways you may wish to improve you business through the use of cloud based technology. We’ll even provide you with powerful demonstrations customised specifically to your company and business environment. 

Highly Customisable Software

Our bespoke cloud solutions allows for flexibility and customisations that provide quick adaptation to business needs, new app support and maximised operation efficiency.